School Coaching

What is Group Analytic Coaching?

Group analytic coaching is essentially similar to group analytic teacher development training (see teacher professional development). The goal is to better understand group dynamics and one’s own behavior in the group in order to positively influence both. However, school coaching takes place in schools and involves the entire teaching staff and school leadership, either together or separately.

Group analytic school coaching is usually requested by schools that want to improve the relational climate in the entire school or in individual classrooms, either preemptively or as an intervention. Schools in which there is an increase in disruptive or aggressive behavior among students, for example in the form of bullying or other delinquent behavior, particularly benefit from group analytic coaching.

The outcome of group analytic coaching is typically greater confidence in relationship matters among teachers, greater willingness to help each other or seek help, and also improvement in student behavior.

Group analytic school coaching sessions are not short-term interventions, but are composed of at least 10 double group analytic sessions (90 minutes/session) over the course of a school year.

How can my school participate?

If you are interested in group analytic school coaching, would like to receive more information, or simply have questions, please feel free to contact us using the following contact form:

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